Bay of Pollenca

Due to the stable sea wind, generated by the mountain formation of the island Formentor and La Victoria and the scale of the bay, the Bahia de Pollenca (Bay of Pollenca), is known as the sailors and kiters paradise. This constellation ensures that there is rarely any swell and in the summer a perfect thermic wind. Here we are located pretty much on the northernmost point away from Palma, south of Alcudia and the Cap Formentor.

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Bay of Alcudia

Due to its geographical location, the bay of Alcudia has hardly any waves, very shallow beaches, and optimal wind conditions (primarily onshore wind) – optimal for kite surfers! The bay of Alcudia is much diversified due to its subtropical climate. Kiters and their families have fun here as well, because a fine sandy beach with small lagoons is located directly at the end of the maritime promenade of Puerto de Alcudia. But even more individual people will also find desolate dune stretches and small rocky bays besides kiting. There is something for everyone!

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Bay of Palma

The Playa de Palma is still the most famous of all beaches on Mallorca. The beach reaches from Can Pastilla about 4.6 km until Arenal. In summer, one will rather still find partiers there. However, the wind conditions are also outstanding here during fall and winter to perfectly learn kitesurfing on Mallorca..

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