Beginners’ Course / Basic Course

All beginnings are easy! You will learn the first steps for kite-surfing with us in a completely relaxed way... In this course, we will convey to you the basic knowledge of kite-surfing in the perfect setting. Following this beginners’ course, we will only be content, if you can continue to practice alone in a safe and happy manner. In order to achieve the best possible success and progress and to ensure your safety, our courses will be taught in coordinated small teams. OUR STUDENTS WILL ALSO RECEIVE A COURSE IN SELF-RESCUE!

As anywhere, you will first acquire a few basics:

  • Safety rules onshore and on the water
  • Basic knowledge about wind, weather, location, and water conditions
  • Setup and dismantling of kite, bar, and lines
  • Starting and landing the kite
  • Methods for Self-Rescue
  • International kiteboarding signals
  • Flying and landing the soft kite
  • Right of way rules on the water

After the dry runs, we will naturally head into the water:

  • Kite control
  • Water start of the kite
  • Body drag in different directions

Since it is then already going great, we will start using the kiteboard:

  • Correct alignment of body and board
  • Positioning of the board when starting out
  • Water start
  • The first few meters on the kiteboard
  • Tips & Tricks for independent practice

A lot of theoretical knowledge will naturally influence the practical skills, but only regular training in the water and with the kite will guarantee optimal learning successes!

Kite-Surfing Courses & Prices

Profit now from our new special prices when booking online! IKO kite license included free of charge!

Trial Kite-Surfing
Max. 2 Persons per Kite
30 min.
20 €
3 h
100 €
Group lessons Beginners & Advanced
Max. 2 Persons per Kite
1 h
45 €
10 h
390 €
Group lessons Beginners & Advanced
1 Person per Kite
1 h
55 €
9 h
450 €
Refresher Course 4 h
200 €
Private Lessons 1 h
120 €
Rental Price list....

Prices per person – Entire equipment included in the price – Prices only when booking online. IKO kite license included free of charge.